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French Bulldog

Commercial & Residential

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

"A whole new level of lawn care"

  • High quality fertilizers to build beautiful, green and healthy lawns. 

  • Weed control applications that target specific weeds in your lawn.

  • A friendly and professional staff ensures our clients are comfortable while we are on site.

  • No annual contracts!  

"Our services provide superior results by focusing on the overall health of your lawn.  We don't just make it grow! "

"Pet friendly staff ensures family pets and animals are secure and safe before & after servicing your property "

Fertilization & Weed Control can be a stand alone service or combined with our complete lawn service program to maintain your lawn at the highest level.

Additional Services

  • Core Aeration
    We remove small "plugs" from your lawn to allow oxygen, nutrients, seed and fertilizers to reach the roots of your grass.  This corrects soil compaction, promotes growth and builds a better lawn.  This is usually completed in the Fall.

  • Overseeding
    We broadcast grass seed over your lawn to build a thicker "weed resistant" lawn.  This is typically completed along with Core Aeration in the Fall to achieve the best results.

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